Dash’s Busy Day

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Dash’s Busy Day

I set out to create a book that was different.  I wanted to do more than just help teach children to count.  I want to help them learn directional concepts at the same time.  I plan for this to be the first book in a series where each book teaches two different building blocks of development.  See more of the story of how it began below or click to get your copy of the book.

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The Process

I felt a dragonfly could have mass appeal.  I developed a simple story that could teach directional concepts and counting at the same time.  I then sketched up my main character and started drawing the creatures that would be counted.  I modified the story line as I drew the different pages.  I then painted them all using watercolor.

The next step was to draw the Dash flying in all sorts of directions.  A couple of those proved to be challenging for me.  In order to create as much consistency in color that I could I painted one color per page at a time, so all the dragonfly pages were painted in 3 sittings.

Then I had to scan all the images into the computer, choose a font that I felt would be large and easy for children to read.  Numeric symbols are included with written numbers, so that they can learn to associate both together.  Then files were converted to PDF and sent to print.

I didn’t stop there.  We created what I believe to be the first children’s book video where the pages actually flip and words change colors as they are read.  I enlisted the aid of my son in law for animating the video and my mother “Great Grammy Perrin” narrates the book.  I genuinely hope that our project can help your child learn to count and understand directions.

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Dash’s Busy Day Process

Here are a few images taken during the process of creating the book.

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